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The Quick-E-Tracer also spins a beautiful radius of up to 69" in width.

The task that used to take 2 or 3 laborers and a lot of flex pipe just got reduced to a one-man task and a simple walk along the path or walkway. The Quick-E-Tracer quickly duplicates a straight or curved line from one side of a walkway to the other.

NOTE: this tool accommodates the interchangeable Handle (sold separately).


Before using, adjust the marking holder to either be loose (for using a marker) or tight (like for something that requires a more constant pressure). Simply place the squared off guide end of the Quick-E-Tracer tightly against the finished edge of the walkway. Adjust the marker holder to the desired width, and fasten your favorite marking device into the holder. Make sure your Interchangeable Handle is centered between your guide and the marker to ensure a proper balance for the tool. Gently pull the Quick-E-Tracer along the walk keeping the guide end tight against the finished side of the walk. A hole on the fixed end of the Quick-E-Tracer accommodates a 10" spike for using the tool as a large compass to mark perfect radii every time.

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